Wharf Rd | Ponsonby

From building your dream home through to simple renovations.

CONSTRKT are with you every step of the way.


  • 1. Defining scope

    Bringing our clients dreams to life is our top priority. To ensure they are achieved a project scope is established and aligned to the set budget.

  • 2. The right designer

    Getting plans drawn and through council can usually be a costly and daunting task, but not with us. Through our extensive network of industry partnerships we pair our clients with a designer that suits their individual style and vision.

  • 3. Cost estimation

    All too often we hear of budgets being blown out in the design phase. We assist throughout this process with cost estimation to ensure the best possible result is achieved within our client’s defined budget.

  • 4. Let’s go

    A start date is then established, contracts signed and the build begins. It’s that simple.


Oak Lane | Coatesville


The good looking guys who make it all happen.

Taylor Handford – ‘B1’

With a jaw line that rivals most cartoon characters we often wonder why Taylor chose building and not the front page of a menswear catalogue, we’re still holding out hope he’ll make cover one day.

Luke Jackison
Founder & Managing Director

Luke’s 12 years across high end residential & commercial projects has always been fuelled by a passion for perfection, CONSTRKT is no different. Creating a culture of excellence is a priority thus allowing our clients to enjoy the CONSTRKTion process just as much as we do.

Nick Lucas – Site Manager

Specialising in high end residential from the very beginning has led Nick to work on some of the finest homes in Auckland. His passion for detail makes him an excellent teacher and leader for the team.

Dylan Hussey – ‘B2’

He keeps us young, in return we keep him employed.


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